I am a:
⚪️ Boy
⚪️ Girl
🔘 🎶three decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich...with arsenic sauce🎶

@Louisa a lost lover desperately negging the Grinch because he knows that’s what they like

@RobinHood I’m so disappointed that wasn’t a poll I could actually vote on.

@RobinHood wish my 6yo sister didn't already absorb so much from school

@RobinHood i remember not knowing what gender was as a kid, nor giving a fuck

good times


sauerkraut is not at all like those other things Seuss why you got to do pickled cabbage so wrong

@deejoe @RobinHood vestigial anti-german sentiment from being a propaganda artist during WWII?

(I have no idea if the first half of this true, but he really did do propaganda during the war lol)

@RobinHood hey fun fact, the guy who sang that song was the voice of tony the tiger

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