I had an octagonal barrel chucked into a vise on my workbench, I was draw filing the barrel flats to get rid of the machining marks and true them up.

Well, I sort of stepped past the barrel and leaned over the bench to get a tool, and when I straightened up, I shanked myself with the sharp edge at the end of the barrel.

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It hurt but I didn’t think it did any damage so I went to bed.

Woke up this morning, I had bled through my shirt and sheets

Not a huge amount of blood but enough to scare the hell out of my groggy morning ass

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Anyway, I peeled myself out of my crusty shirt, irrigated and sterilized the wound, and taped a nonstick gauze over it

Which is really hard to do on your own back!

So, the moral is, don’t stab yourself in the back with a sharpened gun barrel, or something

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