My grandparents are Slovak, this is 90% of the stories they used to tell. I’ve been preparing to turn this shit down since before I could read

β€œDon’t let strangers fatten you up” is like the β€œJust say No” of eastern europe

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@RobinHood downloading Grommr so I can clip directly into the gingerbread house

@RobinHood They are just trying to keep the witch candy to themselves smh

@RobinHood What is it with eastern european folk tales and cannibalistic bad guys anyway

@Felthry @RobinHood I think it's the contrast of hungry peasants versus the rich cannibal who has perfectly good food used as construction materials, but still isn't satisfied by the luxury.

@RobinHood getting eaten by a magic user is honestly maybe preferable to seeing this year through

@RobinHood Waaaaait... have you secretely been a twink all this time?

@RobinHood i'm just astonished that this person apparently thinks you're a twink

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