@patience @RobinHood i wish one of y'all had made these but i'll content myself with the fact that they exist i guess

@RobinHood "cotton on your soft face too comfortable? well wait till you see this.."

@RobinHood My dude, please remember to CW your cursèd images!

@RobinHood does this mean you can unzip it and eat through it

Extremely unpleasant 

@cdmnky @RobinHood well, the first thing that came to my mind was the pervert that would own this unzipping and thrashing their tongue wildly about

@RobinHood Thank you for this revelation. Where can I get some?


What if we kissed

😳👖through our jasks?? 👖😳

@RobinHood @extinct i hate this bc i can practically see respiratory droplets weaving thru the teeth of the fly and escaping into someones face

More cursed 

@RobinHood I-if you want your nose out, you just d-drop the fly and it hangs out... L-like... A... Uhh.... 🍆 😳

@RobinHood and this is where I decide to just let the virus take me


Just what you need for the jandemic (jean pandemic)

@RobinHood its good to know im able to spot when something has turned to corner into fetish.

@RobinHood // Governor Newsom approved lol ok Looks like I still have a job back to it *whew*

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