Just finished a new ball pouch for my possibles bag!

This one holds thirteen .50 cal balls, which is much MUCH lighter than my old one which held a hundred!

Made from a double layer of prison-grade pillow ticking with a twine drawstring

Prison mention, fabric history, 

Why prison grade, I hear you wondering?

Narrator: โ€œno one was wonderingโ€

Well, because the American Correctional Association created the first national standard for cotton ticking fabrics

If ticking is labeled ACA, then you know it meets certain standards for thread count, thickness, and feather resistance

Probably the only useful thing to come out of the prison system. Other than that Johnny Cash album, of course.

The ACA was originally founded in 1870 to improve welfare of prisoners and ensure humane treatment. But it quickly became a trade organization and by the 1980โ€™s was so corrupt, that one of the judges on its governing panel resigned and published a 21 page essay outlining how corrupt and filled with conflicts of interest the ACA has become

Theyโ€™ve been dogged by corruption since then, most notably in 2014 when their president was indicted for money laundering, tax fraud, and bribery.

He was sentenced to 19 and a half years in prison

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Prison mention, fabric history, 

The other, equally plausible explanation Iโ€™ve heard for where the โ€œACAโ€ designation came from, is that it stands for Amoskeag Company Quality A

In 1810 four brothers built a weaving mill on the Merrimack River in Manchester New Hampshire. It struggled along for a few years, finally becoming successful in 1831 as the Amoskeag Company.

It was pretty notorious for its employ of child labor, high injury and death rate, anti-labor policies, and forced โ€œAmericanizationโ€ of immigrant laborers.

By 1846, Manchester was a full on factory town, the schools were good and the streets were wide and there were lovely open spaces, but the men and women who worked in the factories had to live in factory accommodations and follow fairly oppressive company moral and hygiene codes.

They were the first to produce ticking under the name ACA, thereโ€™s speculation that the name was an abbreviation of Amoskeag Company Quality A, but no hard evidence.

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Ah! I found a Supreme Court Case! There's always a case!

*Quoth the record*

In the year 1834 or about the time, the company introduced an improvement in its manufacture by which it produced a grade or quality of ticking superior to any which it had previously manufactured. For goods of this quality it used in its label or ticket, in place of the single letter "A," the three letters "A.C.A." The original device, with its colored border and printed words, indicating the company by which and the place where the goods were manufactured was retained, the only alteration consisting in the substitution of the three letters "A.C.A." in place of the single letter "A."

[...]The combination of the three letters was probably suggested, as is stated, by the initials of the words in the company's name -- Amoskeag Company -- with the letter "A" previously used, to denote the best quality

*End quotation*

Mystery solved, history is fun!

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