I am absolutely awestruck by this birdsite exchange between a federal agency, a state, and a private citizen

@RobinHood The Wendy's twitter account and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

@CornishRepublicanArmy @RobinHood a few months ago someone tooted the take that some written information on the internet fundamentally should not have a comments section. i think about this a lot


"If you think I can't kick a virus's ass, I'll kick your ass to prove it"

@RobinHood as a proud resident of NJ, this is an accurate representation of our state government tbh.


@RobinHood I once saw a state senator deez nuts a local sheriff

@RobinHood The consumer protection have always had an interesting Twitter voice like about off roading and T-Rex.

@RobinHood Tfw you're a tiny online community and you present your commitment to rational, workable governance more seriously than an actual government of an area with 8.8 million people in it.

@RobinHood birdsite confuses the flip out of me......... like...... what even is going on there anyway?

@RobinHood It's amazing that Twitter made the blue checkmark to distinguish the people roleplaying real entities from the people roleplaying real entities *officially*.

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