It’s fun having allergies at a time like this,

when there’s absolutely no way to convince the people near you that you have allergies


“It’s just allergies” I say, in exactly the same way that people in zombie movies say “it’s just a scratch”

“I’ve known you for twenty years, I get a dry cough every year at the same time!” I beg, as my best friend digs a shallow grave, tears streaming down his face

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@RobinHood my roommate says "huh I must be only person that doesn't clear their throat like that" referencing my cough and the similar cough of a friend

@RobinHood [grabbing the shotgun] don't worry, I'll put him down ma

@RobinHood I was on the bus yesterday with a sniffly nose, because I literally always have a sniffly nose. I sniffled and the woman in front of me immediately sat up straight in alarm and started rubbing sanitizer all over her hands and face. Runny nose isn't even a Covid symptom.

@bunnyjane @RobinHood It doesn't help that the symptoms are so minor until they become life threatening. Folks are really scared.

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