I’m going to make myself sound ancient, but through middle school we usually had a slide projector and a tape player, and when the tape beeped you moved to the next slide.

It was a position of supreme honor to be selected to advance the slides

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@baronnarcveldt @pink_ink @RobinHood Videotapes are destroying the movie industry. We left the second half of this tape blank so you can contribute.

@RobinHood Oh god, the muffled speaker noise, the VCR whir, the hum of the cathode ray tubes.

@RobinHood and woe to those that fucked it up and missed the beep. you had to be VIGILANT.

@djsundog @RobinHood I remember these things too, but they were only around during my primary school years.

@RobinHood Uh, I was born in 1998 and I basically saw the slow ass transition it took (at least 15+ years)

@RobinHood We had a laserdisc player at my elementary school for reasons I've never really deciphered.

@Zero_Democracy @RobinHood OMG! Same! One of our uncles also had a laserdisc karaoke player that they used during family gatherings during the holidays.

@RobinHood fun fact I pushed one of these over in school accidentally while trying to help the teacher move it

@RobinHood I feel like this could be capped off if it was playing a VHS tape containing a boring documentary about how paper is recycled.

@RobinHood These things are how I first experienced several films, including the low-budget, be-mulleted adaptation of 'Hatchet'.

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