“Untitled Moose Game” you’re a moose and you’re trying NOT to bother anyone, but you’re wreaking absolute havoc on the town because you’re a gargantuan clattering moose

@RobinHood moose getting into town is one of the scariest things, imo

@RobinHood a bear is like, the only thing more scary. After I read Hatchet I became irrationally concerned about a moose.

@Thomas @RobinHood after i read hatchet i became irrationally convinced that if a pilot died i could totally land the plane, no problem

@RobinHood @KitsuneAlicia there's a browser game from several years back called Minotaur China Shop where you are a minotaur trying to live your dream of retailing fine porcelain. It's a shopkeeper style game where you try to fulfill customer orders, but your controls are very clumsy, and if you exceed a certain amount of destroyed stock your minotaur insurance kicks in and your scoring method changes to wrecking the shop as much as possible

@robotcarsley @RobinHood LMAO! Now I'm gonna have to go searching for it. I hope it's compatible with mobile...

cops and gun violence 

cops and gun violence 

cops and gun violence 

@RobinHood Various clumps of moss still speak of the day when The Great Beast came for Great Noms.

@RobinHood 10/10 would play. Incidentally, I recommend Octodad if you haven't played it.

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