“Imagine you could keep your lawnmower idling in your driveway, and every once and a while a Beanie Baby popped of the tailpipe”

Me, explaining bitcoin

@RobinHood This is literally the best way to explain bitcoin I've ever heard.

@RobinHood You can't even cuddle the Beanie Baby it pops out when the value crashes

@RobinHood “now imagine that, instead of letting it idle, you could perform meaningful work with the lawnmower instead, like mowing lawns, and earn real currency that you could use to earn several beanie babies instead of just the one, while using less time and fuel than if you just let it idle. but most people choose to let theirs idle instead of doing meaningful work because they look down on physical laborers.”

and that’s basically the cryptocurrency marketplace

@RobinHood everytime someone in a boosted supra two-steps younget paid

but the lawnmower runs at full throttle; it's never allowed to go back to idle when mining.

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