“Yeah hi, you got any of them Buzz Lightyear foot-vore pumps?”

“Hey there”

*suddenly whispering in your ear*


@RobinHood i know someone who would buy these and wear them


Gotta love the fashion choice of topping the buzz pumps with a plastic cup from the break room

@RobinHood "but the hole for the food is your mouth" ah yes, I see, as opposed to how it normally is, where the hole for your food definitely is not your mouth


@RobinHood the woody ones are the worst because the insides are mouth colored

@RobinHood AU where Woody and Buzz find common ground when someone pulls Woody’s cord and he says “HELL YEAH I SUCK TOES”

kink ment 

@RobinHood also if the NSA is watching Mastodon please delete this post

@RobinHood these shoes make me wish I could detach my feet at the ankles and throw them out the window


Shoes scuttle out of the darkness,

surrounding your discarded feet,

as if of one mind,

they begin to feed

@RobinHood ...If I start seeing these in my nightmares I'm going to yell at you. D:

@RobinHood how the fukc did u manage to make it worse alkjadljasdlkjasdlkj

@RobinHood spell it as Soul and I’d feel much better about things like, you know, in general. Lol.

@RobinHood Woody has died and gone to that Beetlejuice waiting room and is distorting his face to frighten away interlopers

@RobinHood *cackling like a fuckin maniac as i boost these again*


@RobinHood can you imagine those cold, dead eyes just staring up at you all day?


They had a lot of chances while making those shoes to just stop

@RobinHood that is terrifying and I had forgotten it existed until you reminded me


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