@RobinHood i know someone who would buy these and wear them


Gotta love the fashion choice of topping the buzz pumps with a plastic cup from the break room

@RobinHood "but the hole for the food is your mouth" ah yes, I see, as opposed to how it normally is, where the hole for your food definitely is not your mouth


@RobinHood the woody ones are the worst because the insides are mouth colored

@RobinHood AU where Woody and Buzz find common ground when someone pulls Woody’s cord and he says “HELL YEAH I SUCK TOES”

kink ment 

@RobinHood also if the NSA is watching Mastodon please delete this post

@RobinHood how the fukc did u manage to make it worse alkjadljasdlkjasdlkj

@RobinHood spell it as Soul and I’d feel much better about things like, you know, in general. Lol.

@RobinHood Woody has died and gone to that Beetlejuice waiting room and is distorting his face to frighten away interlopers

@RobinHood *cackling like a fuckin maniac as i boost these again*


@RobinHood can you imagine those cold, dead eyes just staring up at you all day?


They had a lot of chances while making those shoes to just stop

@RobinHood that is terrifying and I had forgotten it existed until you reminded me


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