Inviting people to try my free speech extremism instance, then slowly bricking them in

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@byttyrs @RobinHood I have the absolute worst case of Amontillado in my wine cellar in need of a devilโ€™s advocate

@samftblaetr @RobinHood I heard a Nazi lost their right to free speech in the basement, will you help me find it???

@RobinHood I was thinking about this, but building out the gab fedi. Each instance:

- accuse GAB of banning users for no reason
- have technical difficulties and ask for patience while its readonly
- ban people for being too liberal
- ban people for being too conservative
- blame the bans on gab infiltrators
- delete the instance without a trace

stir the shit as much as possible before yanking the carpet out from under them.

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