I’m sorry I was looking for the follow up volume, “Extremely Impractical Kinks for Coal Mining Men”

lewd shitpost 

@RobinHood so assuming it wasn’t actually about sex, what was it actually about?

The word “kinks” used to be slang for “tips” or “hacks”

@RobinHood @Leucrotta Yes, but what the hell are tips or hacks, I can't google that up in conjuncture with coal mining. Hatchets? Picks? Supporting structures?

@RobinHood wow so they had enough of their own kinks to merit a second edition 🤷🏿‍♂️

@RobinHood oh good. my first edition's just about worn out

the existence of practical kinks for coal mining men implies the existence of impractical kinks for coal mining men

@balrogboogie I mean, I'm pretty sure I know plenty of impractical kinks for coal mining men

I'm sorry, don't open 

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