Friend: “I love doing photography of abandoned spaces! I love that post-apocalyptic look, but they’re so hard to find!”

Me, watching the four horsemen literally riding down upon us: “Well, I have some good news!”

Friend: “And I love post-apocalyptic games! The idea of surviving the end times SO MUCH FUN”

Me, hastily stuffing azithromycin into a backpack: “FUN”

Friend: “I mean, it would be hard, but my life would finally have PURPOSE, you know”

Me frantically memorizing maps of my area: “It’s good to have purpose”

@RobinHood I dont prepare for the apocalypse, but i research it a lot. I just like researching at this point

@cuttlefish researching has a ton of value! One of my survival instructors used to say, “survival happens entirely between your ears”

Equipment can make your life easier, but knowledge is EVERYTHING

@RobinHood I remember years ago being in an online conversation about the zombie apocalypse. The other person was sure they’d make it, where I was pretty sure the “fighting hordes of lumbering undead,” was the easy part, and I wouldn’t make it past the clean water/agriculture chunk of the deal.

@RobinHood Ah, yes. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Gentrification, Idolization, Authorization, and Appropriation.

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