Do they think human souls are just an assemblage of all the animal souls we’ve ever eaten?

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Conservatives: “Leftists want to suck out your soul and put it in a super-sexy androgynous machine, and feed you nothing but a healthy diet of soy products, and tuck you in at night with a gentle kiss on the forehead”

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I guess the moral is that nothing will ever be as cool as a conservative nightmare

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Conservatives: “I don’t want to live in a leftist world where I’m forced to be nice or I get punished!”

Me: *full eye contact, slowly tapping a Bible”

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@RobinHood Is this supposed to make me want to eat *less* Impossible Burgers?

@RobinHood Soulless creatures?

Satan doesn't need to create those, conservatives already exist. :thonking:

veggie food 

veggie food 

@RobinHood one of the weirder aspects of the far right is their fervent opposition to vegans and vegetarians because reasons

@taweret @RobinHood

I just had an impossible burger for the first time today, and then I come on mastodon and I see this. What the fuck?!?

@marie_joseph @taweret @RobinHood

i don't know if souls are real, but if we take the bible literally, then i'm in a lot more trouble for eating a regular cheeseburger (i.e. "thou shalt not boil a young goat in it's mother's milk", Exodus 23:19) than anything made of plant protein

you ask one of these so-called christians about that and they'll go "old testament doesn't count anymore, new covenant" then turn around and quote Leviticus 20:13 when it suits their purposes 🤔

In my time as a Christian bigot, I was more wont to quote Romans 1:24-27, but that's because I actually studied the Bible (and thus lost my faith)
@taweret @RobinHood

@nindokag I'm also like... if changing people's DNA (aka mutation) damns souls from entering the Kingdom of Heaven, this guy should also have deep concerns about: the Sun, bananas, radioactive pollution, cigarettes, carcinogens in general....all of which have been fucking up human DNA long before fake meat got made.

@taweret @RobinHood Plants have no souls. Demons can only (temporarily) possess souls by devouring the flesh of the once-living. Seems straightforward to me.

@taweret @RobinHood I grew up vegetarian in Texas, and it took me a while to figure this one out.

Being vegan makes people uncomfortable, because it raises questions. If you come to a different ethical conclusion, then they have to ask "is it possible that my conclusion is wrong?"

And conservatives hate it even more, because they *hate* challenge to their orthodoxy.

@taweret @RobinHood what's really wild is I recently found out about Nazi vegans. I mean actual white supremacists and fascists.

It makes sense for a body purity obsession, especially building on the "clean eating" trend of a few years ago

@RobinHood I personally prefer the From Beyond Burger but the spirit is of a kind, I think

@vegetablegremlin @RobinHood

In my bbs/Usenet days Pie vs. Cake was the burning issue. Now it's warring factions of faux burger fanatics. I sense some stealth marketing forces at work... 🤔

@xenophora @RobinHood i like-a-the-burg

it's just the beyonder and gardein's ultimate are available at my grocer's freezer

@vegetablegremlin @RobinHood

A-ha! Gremlin stands revealed as the cross-marketer! (Where are all those coupons you promised me, foul fiend!)

@RobinHood This is going to be the new reactionary soy shit and it's going to be wild.

@RobinHood wait, full cyberpunk is wearing translucent PVC rain gear with LEDS while it pours at night, not some 80s sounding bullshit. Seriously that’s very Reagan era.

But doctor, wearing translucent PVC rain gear with LEDS while it pours at night, IS some 80s sounding bullshit

🇺🇸 Politics 

🇺🇸 Politics 

food m 

I think it stems from the alt-right aping of Christianity, which they've adopted to fill the existential void where their fundamentally anti-life philosophy leaves emotional gaps.

Eating veggie burgers (or in any way not 24/7 relishing the domination of other life) is clumsily understood as backsliding into weakness and equality with animals. What started as a repudiation of paganism (in the form of Christianity) has been twisted into a belief that denying any soul but your own is the only way to keep yours.


@RobinHood im sorry i just can’t get over there being an evangelical preacher named WILES

@RobinHood image text: Laura Ingraham guest says trans people "destroy" gender norms to create "new species"—"Human and part machine"

I think she believes that "transgender" and "transhumanist" are the same thing...

@RobinHood That's kind of right.

Those are "Transhumanist" people, like 2016 presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan.

Technicalls they are trans people, just not transgender ones...

@RobinHood Aren't they a little late for that argument? There's already cyborgs out there with prosthetic legs, arms, organs...

@RobinHood she’s totally not wrong either. that sounds like exactly what i had in mind

@RobinHood Ah yes! The totally terrible idea that people replace organic parts with mechanical parts to enhance themselves. It sounds horrible /s

@izaliamae @RobinHood only trans people are allowed to wear wristwatches

@izaliamae @RobinHood

They haven't invented the robot kidney yet and I'd be really bummed except that I couldn't afford it anyway. :/

@izaliamae @RobinHood I wonder how many of them have joint replacements.

Or pacemakers.

Or, you know, even dentures.

Or, hell, does a CPAP machine count? It's external, and only used at night, but still...

@bhtooefr @RobinHood @izaliamae Cool! I'm a cyborg for 7 hours a day! And I don't (usually) keep my wife up all night with my snoring any more.

@RobinHood the funniest part is she's literally not even wrong I am transhumanist and this is my ideal future

@RobinHood (a) that's transhumanist (b) even so, is this a bad thing? this sounds incredible. i wanna be part machine

I'm pretty sure that most of the things those folks are saying are the kind of things we wish actually would happen.

Mild Blasphemy, Childhood Reminiscing 


Jesus: Full-communism now
Christians: There'll be time for utopia when we're dead

-stands stunned, then slowly starts clapping, growing faster and faster until it's an enthusiastic roar of approval-

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