“An RPG is a game in which you make some numbers go up”

“But doesn’t it stand for role playing game?”

“It used to” *looks wistfully into the distance* “before the gamers got a hold of it”

“If I role play I might accidentally do something super gay, accidentally”

“Ah, well can I interest you in some nice straight numbers?”

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GM: “As you reach the final cave, you see a giant red-scaled dragon”

Me: *raises hand*

GM sighing “He thinks you’re cute”

Me: *lowers hand*

I once put a six foot tall dragon lady in a game just for a friend.

Neither of us acknowledged it, both of us knew why.

@inkblot_sandwiches @RobinHood dang, that’s some solid friend GMing

*looks sideways at the DM in high school who put a girdle of sex changing in a game just for me*

ok maybe you figured out something about me before i did, but you didn’t have to make a joke out of it, also why is that even in the AD&D sourcebooks to begin with? what the fuck, gygax

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