If you’re prepping for the apocalypse so that you can survive alone while your neighbors are starving,

then you’re the reason we’re going to have an apocalypse in the first place

One of the core tenants of asshole survival is called “The Gray Man Theory” which is the idea that you need to appear unprepared so that no one will take your shit.

This is what Jesus referred to as a “dick move”

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How long do you think you can keep up this charade, Daren? When everyone in a 20 mile radius is skinny and somehow you’re the same weight? When the lights at your house are still on when the whole world is dark?

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The reason why you fear “the horde” is that you think they will kill you and take your stuff

And you’re right.

But the reason why they’re gonna kill you and take your stuff is because you’ve done nothing but horde, and now no one cares if you live or die

If you fed them, they would care

If you shared your knowledge with them, they would care

If you purified their water and instructed them in the magic of the potato, they would care

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If you’ve saved enough food for yourself for a year, you can keep all your neighbors going for a few months

They will remember that, and when you get sick or break your leg, they’ll be there

You can’t do this alone AND YOU DONT NEED TO!

One of my friends, whose family survived a genocide, has a saying about survival “don’t learn how to make fire before you’ve learned how to make friends”

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@RobinHood "Wow, sure is tough in this post-apocalypse, huh y'all?"
...Daren... Daren, is that a chocolate bar in your pocket?

survival, apocalypse 

survival, apocalypse 

survival, apocalypse 

survival, apocalypse; SW slur 

@RobinHood Maybe there's a game to be made here. You're a survival dude and we bill it as a gritty 'defend your bunker to survive the apocalypse' thing but *really* it's Stardew Valley but desaturated and if you're an asshole to your neighbors you get shunned and die when you run out of Spam.

@RobinHood I'm thinking sprite-based isometric graphics (like Fallout or UO) to drive the deception home visually.

@RobinHood @inkblot_sandwiches I absolutely love that idea. Sustainable survival. I know coding and drawing XD

Oh man, I took this one course in college where I ended up studying a bunch of right-wing survivalist literature and yeah this thread is spot on. I remember one manual that warned against giving any food or aid to neighbors or refugees because they'd all be about to die anyway.

Most of the survivalist guide genre seemed to revolve around how to best outrun the supposedly sudden collapse of society and escape with your family to the most remote wilderness possible. Zero consideration of any alternate approach.

@pineappleface @RobinHood Sounds like the capitalist method is all they know. Hoarding and parasitism, rather than production.

@RobinHood Humans have only survived on planet earth for this long by working together. Socialization is our only true evolutionary advantage.
Kropotkin had a bit to say about that...😉

@RobinHood :awesome_rotate: “shared your knowledge,” that's a good one, ge’ts me every time 😂😂😂

@RobinHood oh my god this thread is something that needs to be beet into the head of these asshole-prepper folks I stan your prepper takes

@RobinHood I think you've mixed up the words horde and hoard here.

@RobinHood also: people who insist you need a “special/important” skill to deserve protection

@Beedle yes! This! Like, you don’t have to be a super duper skilled survival wizard to get water
or gather fire wood
or keep watch
or plant things
or scare away critters who are trying to eat your crops!

@RobinHood Or even play music, make art, or be good company tbh. I would not have the moral capacity to tell people they have “nothing to offer” and turn them away.

@Beedle absolutely! A global collapse is just a return to living like pre-hightech societies, all of which had artists, musicians, and disabled folks!

@RobinHood society won't be restarted by those that refuse to participate

@amiloradovsky @RobinHood This is what I call the "barbarians at the gate" mentality: the notion that the way to build a strong society is by keeping "the wrong people" out. These folks typically believe Rome's being invaded by barbarians was the cause of, rather than a symptom of, its decline, despite the ludicrous amount of evidence we have of the increasing corruption of Roman society as the people in the core lived more and more off the productivity of the periphery.

@freakazoid @RobinHood Well, barbarian is still a negative epithet in popular language, AFAIK, although the word simply stems from "beard(ed)" (see "barber").
There is also a funny story about goths and gothic, but that's a tangent.

On topic, I'd call this mentality fighting the symptom(s), instead of the cause(s). Because figuring out the causes is too much efforts and who cares.

@RobinHood jesus thank u for summarizing my loathing for Prepper Culture in a single perfect sentence


So the interesting question is: what does an anarchist prepper culture look like? ('cause I think we're going to need one...)

Maybe things like:
- building a seed bank
- learning how to grow and process important medicinal herbs
- building a water filter that could process large amount of water for a community

And, ya know, building that sense of community that's gonna be vital for all our survival.

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