Imagine being the most powerful being in the universe and not immediately using it for good

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*finger snap*
All weapons are gone
*finger snap*
Global warming fixed
*finger snap*
*finger snap*
Pet velociraptor

β€œDo you mean β€˜pet’ like the noun or the verb?”

β€œFirst one, then the other”

@RobinHood God looks down at their odd new pet honking insistently, making a mental note to never again pull week long creation benders.


*finger snap*
Guns are now food
*finger snap*
Global warming is now food
*finger snap*
Food is now guns


@RobinHood Imagine if you where the most powerful being in the universe,

But you're like alone, and bored,

and you hadn't dream't up the concept of good and evil yet.

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