Camping tomorrow!

Up at 4:45, hopefully I can get out there before the sun comes up!

Hike in. Get my camp set up before noon. Then look for edible plants until dinner!

My ancient instructor: β€œWhere does survival happen?”

Me: β€œin the woods?”

Instructor: β€œno”

Me: β€œin a shelter?”

Instructor: β€œno”

Me: β€œthen where?”

Instructor: β€œsurvival happens entirely between your ears”

No matter where you go, there’s always trash.

This old tire is useful though, rubber will burn, even in the rain, and it holds a flame long enough to ignite wet wood.

I’ll take a few chunks for later.

I’ve cleared the pine needles from my camp area, they’re soaked, and heavy.

If I can clear the ground it’ll dry a little before night.

Also, it cuts down on the fire danger, and gets rid of all the sharp little pine cones hiding in there that’ll stab you in the middle of the night.

You have to be careful what you grab onto around here. This Devil’s Walking Stick has a nasty bite.

There’s a lot of bayberry in this area, the leaves and berries smell fantastic.

It can be rubbed into grubby hands to clean them and make them smell a little better


Good morning! I need water for coffe and breakfast, so it’s time to explore a bit.

I hiked over a hill to the west of camp, found a game trail, and it led me here.

This little creek is clear, running, and bitter cold, even so, I’ll need to purify it before I can drink it.

Water’s been boiled for a few minutes to kill all the nasties. The worst two around here are cryptosporidium and giardia.

Time for a nice cup of coffee, maybe some potatoes, and then the hike out!

@RobinHood but it does enhance the casting of blood magick when equipped.

@RobinHood this is a great thread, thank you for sharing your wilderness experience with us :)


@RobinHood really enjoying the live tooting of the camping trip

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