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No point in denying it. The fart recycling part has transformed me overnight into a stan. <3

@RobinHood We've been practically in freefall since Big Ole Freak stopped charting.

@RobinHood For a hot second there, I was wondering what Civ games you've been playing. :blobnervous2:

Me, Zen as fuck: β€œthe true marksman aims only at himself”

The range safety officer: β€œOk, yeah, I’m gonna make you take the course again”

Looks like civilization peaked with that ass and titties song,

you know the one

@datn @RobinHood givin everything you got for this

Worship And Praise

Pay my tithe just to kiss me
On my Wafer And PressΓ©

@RobinHood as opposed to fediverse memes which are like "gluing carpet to my genitals to make me a cantaloupe"

1)Cottagecore Lesbian: Ivy
2)Incel: Joker
3)E-girl Anarchist: Catwoman
4)Chaos Bottom: Harley Quinn
5)Alt-Right Lift Bro: Bane
6)Internet Troll: Riddler

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Y’all are gonna be so embarrassed when Elon Musk saves the world by taking all the rich people to Mars where they can live on recycled farts and leave us alone

MAN cave? Girl, in this house we cave TOGETHER. Draw me like one of your FRENCH AUROCHS

β€œHow will you feed a crowd of 5000 with only 5 loaves and 2 fish?!?”

β€œWell, all my friends are literally fishermen, so give us like half an hour?”

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You know who’s got the real WAP? That’s right, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Facebook memes are like β€œwhen your hair is a mess but you’re in a good mood” and it’s a picture of a kid whose hair is a mess but they appear to be in a good mood

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