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@RobinHood *yelling into radio* we've got a verified look over here

*You're standing in a storage room, you hear over the radio system in there*

"Tacticute drop inbound!"

*You see one of the cardboard boxes fall over and a bunch of foxes run out of it.*

here's a family portrait i made for the husband as a gift :)

What time is the best time for posting/boosting, in terms of getting the highest rate of "people acknowledging I exist at all," and, "people fucking *hate* the joke I just made, but negative attention is still attention, and I want it," what time is best for that?

@wigglytuffitout @RobinHood its funny bc he jokingly said once that he wanted people to stop comparing him to a jojo character bc people were doing it so much

@RobinHood i have not actually heard old town road yet (listen it's kind of like whamageddon at this point. i'm seeing how long i can not hear it) but this is some incredible fashion and incredible power and everyone will hate me for this but:

has anyone drawn fanart of him in the jojos* wearing this yet.

*i have also not actually read/watched the jojos

If I could do this in my county...damn

You can’t understand what this means to all those queer country kids

Unless you are a queer country kid


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