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The weird thing that I enjoy about Metro 2033 is that it’s damn near a rail shooter

I love sandbox games, but I almost forgot how nice it was to have a fully curated walk from A to B

Tobacco, death 

Not understanding shit is super fucking valid. Make sure to keep your comments to yourself if unasked for and make questions if questions are accepted.

You can always start by "I'm new to this, can I ask you a/a few questions?". If they say no just accept that you're gonna have to do your own research or ask elsewhere. Also, try to read the room. If it's tense and there was an argument about it, don't ask questions. Keep them to yourself until later.

It's hard to understand sometimes because everything is really complex, but if we're polite and openminded we can make the world a more pleasant place for everyone.

Saw an ad for breathable underwear. I don’t want my underwear to breath. That means it’s alive, and what I’m making it do is weird


Michael Faraday was fucked up. imagine being the first dude to figure out that electricity is literally magic and can do action at a distance

@RobinHood tbh it's a good thing he lives across the country else I would definitely "ok boomer" him and I don't think he'd appreciate it

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