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Gosh, my new Safety Glasses are so much clearer than my old scratched ones!:blobcatscience:

Lewd, Silly 

@RobinHood My dad never bothered to cut them up, he just used old underwear as oil tags, lol.

cecotropes are an anti-rabbit lie made up by kangaroos in an attempt to be crowned the best hopping animal

There’s nothing like the quiet meditation of cutting up your undonatable clothing into rags

If you download all the patches to Knights of the Old Republic it just elides seamlessly into Mass Effect

Lewd, spices 

Sometimes you’re the laundry, and sometimes you’re the washing machine,

and sometimes you’re the dryer




a sincere, legitimate food opinion i hold 

food shitpost 

these days you can get 499 of almost anything

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