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Guy Fieri, Zac Effron, and Joe Pera are the three axes of the #DudesRock spectrum

I just heard my new favorite palindrome:

"Do geese see God?" :goose_caesar:

Selfie, Eye Contact 

It's a , brought to you by my hair, which is increasingly in need of a cut or trim, or maintenance of some kind.

Jules: I *cannot* sing. I am fully... ear blind.

Me: ... Tone deaf?

And if you hate checking your email, here is the thing I wrote! It is called MOMMY'S LITTLE PRINCESS and I gave it a CW for extremely intense monarchism, but I should have added one for the threat of poison ivy

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Had a really nice date with Jules this morning.

Now, we're going to continue hanging out on Skype together, but don't worry, the date-proper is over. (You can tell because I swapped my sweater and button-down for a star wars t-shirt.)

Holy shit, I gotta go to bed, I have a date at 6am!

Watching trailers for movies I have no interest in actually seeing is *my* anti-drug.

We could save some time as a society and just set all new movie trailers to that one version of Blue Monday.

Remember the early days when you could just post, "haha I'm tooting" and get like a buttload of favs and boosts?

You know how sometimes you think about reading a book series and then you see that there're like 18 books, and you're like, that's too much for me, dawg?
That's what The Fast and The Furious movies feel like now.

I made it halfway through the third Dune book before I realized that I didn't need to punish myself anymore. But this new movie does look dope, and I'm kind of excited to see it.

There was a period of time when Masto-Dune-Posting occurred on a *rigid* schedule. I'm kind of happy to see it on my tl again, even if it's about the movie now.

Someone please tell me to stop signing up for Free Trials of Streaming services and forgetting to cancel them in time to avoid the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee challenge 2K20.

Garfield spin-off that's just about the mundane farm life of Jon's brother, Doc Boy.
None of the animals talk, it's just him delivering sardonic monologues while doing his farm chores.

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