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It's a , brought to you by my hair, which is increasingly in need of a cut or trim, or maintenance of some kind.

For the last few weeks, there's been a hand-painted sign in front of a house that I pass on my way home from work. The sign is a large white piece of cardboard with black lettering that just says, "Eggs" but with a teeny-tiny question mark, so it becomes a sort of a pleading, "Eggs?"
I cannot begin to imagine what this could mean, or what question they're asking.

The sign disappeared two nights ago, so I guess they got an answer, but I still have so many questions.

See Attached Artist's rendition.

Selfie, Eye Contact 

Well, I've missed a few selfies, but I don't really look that different from week to week, so whatevs. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
It's still though, and I haven't had a "Professional" haircut since February. Maybe sometime during .

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Another selfie!

Who else is doing everything within their power to stay indoors, away from heat and humidity?

Selfie, Eye Contact 

It's another selfie!

It's hot, and I have hair clips in to keep my hair out of my dang face!

Birthday Selfie, Eye Contact 

Please consider this an extremely late post! is in full effect and it's my motherflippin' birthday!
I'm 40, y'all.
At midnight a handful of Werther's Originals suddenly appeared in the pockets of the cardigan I don't remember buying. It's too hot and humid for cardigans, but it is *very* comfortable.
Anyway, it's my birthday, booooooooost me!

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Haven't done a in a while!
And is still in effect for a few more days!

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It's another !
It's too hot in the shop for the flannel I had on this morning, so you get to see my new black t-shirt. It's black!

Relationship, Video Games 

Jules and I played a bunch of Stardew Valley this weekend.

Selfie, Eye Contact 

keeps rolling around. It's happening like once a week now! Wild!
It's in the 60Β°s here in Maine, and I have my office window open, enjoying .

Selfie, Eye Contact 

It's again!
in full effect.
It's rainy and gross here, and I'm at work. But I'm pretty fucking happy! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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Happy , everyone!

I was told I'm too stingy with the selfies, so I'm trying to remember to observe !

Selfies, Eye Contact 

Is it still , or are we into yet?

Either way, it's and here's my red face. Thank fuck for filters, am I right?

So, after snapping *another* shoelace on my Docs, I decided to try some Hickies.
I was afraid they'd feel too loose on my feet (I like my laces *tight*) but they were fine!

You know, just from home now!
(Not me, though, I'm in the office, mostly alone!)
(Shoutout to the Overseas Mid-afternoon Crew!)

Everybody stay safe out there!

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