A strange man in a strange car came to my house and rang my doorbell and I hid in the bathroom until he went away.

@Quixote171 If it turns out to have been important you can always say "sorry I was in the bathroom😔"

@Quixote171 noOO my biggest fear
when i was a teen i lived in a house with glass doors that lead to the garden and even tho we had a fence some random dude got in and i was all alone and i was like, fouteen and my reaction was to hide in my room and cry until my dog stopped barking and that's when i knew he was gone
luckily he never got inside the house house bc the doors were locked but it was horrible


I'm fine. 😆
He wasn't trying to get in or anything, I just didn't want to talk to a stranger right now.

@Quixote171 Might be why. They might not have an answer from your current address.

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