So, I was thinking...

Now that I'm working from home 4 days a week... I have time to bring back the playlist project, if people were interested.

I liked doing it before, but it ended up being more work than I could get away with in the office.

If I get at least 10 people I can count on to give me songs once a week (to start) I'll bring it back!

(Please Boost!)

Well, we're up over 10, so we're officially back in the playlist business!

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@Quixote171 do you want individuals to give you songs or full playlists?


Songs based on a prompt.

For example, the prompt might be, "Songs that mention a Street Name," and you could give me, Ocean Avenue, by Yellow card, or 9th at Pine, by Less Than Jake. (Doesn't have to be in the title, could just be mentioned in the song.)

Then I put all the submitted songs in a playlist, for everyone to enjoy.

You can see some previous playlists at !

@Quixote171 gotcha. so when do you send out the prompts? if you @ people who have pledged to give you songs, I will happily do it despite the time difference (I'm in Berlin).


Yeah, I usually send out a round of DMs, and a soft-deadline. I'll usually try to send them out first thing in the morning (for me - around 8 or 9 Eastern US) and then publish the Playlist around 5pm the same day.

@Quixote171 @Louisa sorry I was feeling nonverbal this morning, was the 20 fav unfav refavs in a row not a positive answer?

@SanfordianPhil @Louisa

Alas, I only got the one alert. 😂
Adding you to the list!

@Quixote171 I’m stoked you’re doing this again, I still have some of the old ones saved :)


I'm excited!
It's a great way to get exposed to new music!

@Quixote171 this might actually be a good use case for that thing


Have you used this before?
If I send a message as a DM to the group, will everyone receive it as a DM too?

@Quixote171 i do not think it works for DMs but i have not tested. I participate in the plants one but have not made my own


It would make the Prompt Process *immeasurably* easier. Might be worth it, even if it won't go as a DM.

@Quixote171 you know that Im in, and this time I promise to be restrained lmao

@Quixote171 I like that idea! If you still need people, I'd like to as well ;)

@Quixote171 I'd love to join if you don't have too many people already :)

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