@Quixote171 I care that you care about it but I dont have the mental hit points to look at a list rn

@Quixote171 I have said it before and I'll say it again: Keasbey Nights is a perfect album


It is!

I have to admit, I've never even *heard* of The Arrogant Sons of Bitches! I'm super jazzed to have yet another Rosenstock project to dive into!

@Quixote171 Oh man, I have not listened to Don't Know How to Party in way too long gonna spin that right now. I still miss the long sleeve tee I had from that tour. (Although if I were making a list I'd probably go with "More Noise & Other Disturbances," it's such a perfect artifact of its time and place.)


I never got into the Bosstones, and I don't know if I've listened to either of those albums - but I'm going to now!

@Quixote171 oh man, they're so good. If nothing else listen to 'Where'd You Go?'


Yeah, I know that one. And pretty much all of Let's Face It. Lol
I had a notion to go through their discography not that long ago, but I couldn't finish the first album. Maybe I'll just jump ahead. Lol

@Quixote171 I feel like the Bosstones suffered a little bit from the Dave Matthews Band problem, where people would dislike them out of misplaced ire at their fratbro fans


I can see that. I think my initial feeling was that they were *too* metal for my taste, especially early on - by the time they got to Let's Face It, a lot of that had bled off.
Maybe I should start from there and work backwords. Lol

@Quixote171 Now that you've got me on a 'music that makes me feel like I'm hanging out in a dorm' kick, what are your thoughts on Fishbone's first EP? open.spotify.com/album/4dN5Fff


I had a buddy that was super into Fishbone in college, and I don't think I ever gave them a fair shake. I should definitely revisit now, with my much broader, open sensibilities.

@Quixote171 they evolved a lot over the years and some of their later stuff got pretty heavy, but that first EP is 😘 👌

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