It's weird to think that for thousands of years the only music you heard was what the one guy who lived down the road could play on his mandolin or whatever.

@Quixote171 "I heard another guy play a nice melody so I'm just going to steal it and write new lyrics" -dawn of time to 1900ish


Caveman: "Thank fuck for MP3's if Kevin played the first 2 bars of freebrid one more time I would have exploded"


same for written materials in some ages. people so rarely look to how much has changed

@Quixote171 @Gargron yes and “culture” is moving way too fast now. We are already repeating the 80s and 90s! We rebooted Will & Grace! People have run out of ideas. I mean, what’s next because this cannot stand.

@Quixote171 there was often more than one person who could play though. In many cultures, ability to play an instrument made it easier to arrange a beneficial marriage.

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