Thanks to America's Sexiest Forefather, @sexybenfranklin, I am in possession of the name of the current owner of The Snake Post Office.

An email has been sent.

We're on the case now, by god.

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A response to my email!

They would like me to call them directly!

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@Quixote171 I assume you googled his name and found a property management company

@Quixote171 eating my words here. Excitement brewing. I told my wife about this ordeal.

@larrydavis @Quixote171 how does a small town post office become so infested with snakes that it's forced to shut down? What events brought us to this moment.

@sexybenfranklin @Quixote171
a snake got in there, laid eggs, this continued in a place nobody checked until there were a whole mess of snakes

mystery solved

also it would be more mysterious if it was a big city post office, of course a small town one is more vulnerable to snakes

@larrydavis @sexybenfranklin

Here are my Questions.
1) What kind(s) of snakes are present in the post office?
2) this infestation goes back several years - what attempts have been made to rid the post office of the snakes?
3) what made the situation untenable to the point of abandoning the building?
4) was anyone injured, seriously or otherwise, while working in the snake post office?
5) are you just going to let them win like this?

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