It's Finally Here!
The first Masto-Sourced Playlist of 2019!
It's the One About Driving with the Windows Down and the Stereo Up!

At present we've got 34 songs for your listening pleasure, submitted by your friends and neighbors here on the Fedi!
As always, I'll add latecomers as they trickle in!

I've got FIVE songs on here, friends, fuckin come at me

@Quixote171 I drove down dirt roads in rural Arkansas with the windows down in a classic mustang while listening to the album my song is from. It was perfect for it.

I'm excited to get in my car and put this list on. Wish it wasn't 18 degrees here...


I made this Monday evening, but then got distracted. It's in an experimental genre that is derived from a type of acapella that predates recorded music.

This was also fully improvised.

It's about driving, but likely slightly misses the note on what you were hoping for.

@Quixote171 nina simone, my baby just cares for me - perfect for desert driving (esp death valley)
- pixies, bird dream of the olympus mons
- camper van beethoven, photograph
- nick lowe, cruel to be kind
- beastie boys, sure shot
- thelonious monk, bright mississippi
- the aislers set, hit the snow
- superchunk, the first part
- the homesick, gucci gucci
- esg, keep on moving
- deerhoof, running thoughts
- thee oh sees - toe cutter - thumb buster

can you tell i'm dying for a roadtrip?


I'm a sucker for a road-trip! Love 'em!

Pick two or three of those and I'll add em to the list!

@Quixote171 ok here you go
@Quixote171 nina simone, my baby just cares for me
the fall, hit the north pt 1
beastie boys, sure shot


That's probably true.
What alternatives are you suggesting?


Does Kodi stream music that you don't explicitly have stored locally somewhere?
That's a real question - I don't know.
I thought Kodi was like Plex - for streaming media you already have.


Well, in this scenario, for the Masto-Playlist, people from all over the world are submitting songs, that 9 times out of 10, are on Spotify, and can be added instantly. The odds of me having those specific songs on a cd, or mp3 or whatever? Nil.

Sure open-source is better for almost everything else, but this sort of thing actually wouldn't be possible *without* Spotify or a similar service.

@Quixote171 Thanks, pal! You are doing great work with these playlists. Keep it up.

Would you like to be added to my list of contributors?

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