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Reading toots on my wrist-based mobile device?
I won't have it, not on my watch.

"something you know" and "something you have" no longer cut it for login security

we're adding things like "something you once believed you could be" and "something that drifted at the edges of your consciousness when you were sixteen and felt invincible"

Look, we all know this, but I need top pot it in writing just in case anyone is unaware.

Werewolves love rockabilly
Frantensteins love heavy metal
Draculas love emo
Gill mans love surf rock
Mummies love ska

No one disputes this, it is established fact.

the commercial breaks are filled with anxious energy every night at 11:48PM: what the

To all the young people of Mastodon: I know we joke around a lot, and I respect you all as adults, but I will say that I AM a bit older than most of you, I've been around the block a few times, and looking back on my twenties, I badly regret not learning any sleight of hand magic.

Mastodon is a delicate and subtle dance where we all take turns being the shocked Steve Harvey on Family Feud to each other's posts.

cursed post idea 

Thank you, Dirt, for keeping the dream alive. πŸ™

@Louisa @Quixote171 i can see this being really good actually, i mean, it's like egg on toast but with a little bit of tomato, cheese, and a complementary meat uwu

Reminder to and others: While open registrations are closed, you can ask r.t users for an invite right now. I just don't have the time and energy to review registrations with surgery coming up.

this photo radiates pure light and joy, we need more content like this on the fedi! one boost = one prayer

#inktober day 15, β€œlegend”

Started it yesterday before watching Alien, and didn’t get home in time to finish it. Not really happy with it but it’s done!

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