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The Snake Post Office Post

A zine brought to you by your friends at The Snake Post Office.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Boost this Mother Far and Wide!

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm legally allowed to post this:

I made you a playlist!
Happy Skalidays!

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For mods and admin 

A friend invites you to a Ska Resort, and you think they made a typo and don’t question it, but when you get there it’s all checkerboard Vans and skanking

New England work from home opportunity, signal boost 

7pm Justin: I'm not hungry, I'mma skip dinner.

1am Justin: Guess who's hungry, bitch?

I was reading about killdeer on Wikipedia, and this image is captioned "copulation" and this is the funniest thing in the world to me right now

I once got in trouble for using the phrase, "Sit on it and rotate, you radioactive son of a bitch!" during a school presentation about different methods of generating electricity, so don't talk to me about committing to the bit.

My daughter's watching Creeped Out on Netflix, and it's basically Black Mirror for Teens.

I don't mind working late once in a while because there's no one here fuckin' botherin' me.

Think I'm going to give up my life and be one of those English guys that say things like, "Fookin 'ell, John!" or, "Awright, love?"
Blokes, I think they're called.

I haven't seen many animes.

I saw one, like 20 years ago about a dude with some sort of hidden sigil or mark or something hidden on his hand that could only be seen by a special device, and it... did something? Meant he was special, or unlocked something, I honestly can't remember. But the dude who was showing me the anime was *super* into it.

Periodically leaning forward in my chair, and then several minutes later, back.
You know, for exercise.

Can someone explain blockchain to me like I'm an idiot, please?

I feel like we're past the point of just ignoring it and hoping it'll go away.

which fans are just the WORST

Today is the first time I've left the house, or put on pants, since Sunday!

My back still hurts, but I'm *Medicated* and making it work.

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