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If you're looking for an indicator of where I'm at mentally, and emotionally, last night I watched an almost 45 minute video of "Super Duper Baseball Bloopers" from 1989.
So, doing pretty good.

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@Pixley Holy shit! La Tortuga is playing tonight!
I almost didn't watch after last night's almost 6 hour ridiculousness, but I'm glad I did!

Boss: What are you working on?

Me: Do you think if they met, Buffy would be more into Sam or Dean? Someone's definitely written that fic, yeah?

Boss: What?

Me: Spreadsheets. I'm working on spreadsheets.

Duolingo just suggested I complete a lesson on feelings.
I don't need this from you right now, bรบho.

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Gosh, they really went all-in on the "Spider-Man is a cop" narrative in this new video game, huh?
I feel like modern-teen Peter Parker would be more "fuck the police" and less "let's run errands for the Captain."
Feels out of touch.

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Still funny to me, I don't care that you all hate it. CW for Food, I guess.

If you're just changing the number for the joke, I think threeskin is way funnier than fiveskin.

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when the catcher runs out to the pitchers mount to talk, they're actually updating their public keys

I downloaded Starship Titanic and it immediately crashed my computer, so just like 1998!

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I just tried Dristan 12 Hour Nasal Spray on a co-worker's suggestion, and holy shit, it's awesome.
Within a minute, both of my nasal passages are clear and I can breathe normally.
Science is amazing.

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On attitudes toward piracy 

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