Am I still drinking this coffffeee even though it's making my tum-tum hurt?

Obviously, yes.

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I coffeed my belly into discomfort again

Sneezing so hard I hurt my back is the one thing at which I truly excel.

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Maybe the Red Sox are tanking to replenish their worst-in-baseball farm system.

I hope Karen brings us something good today. Like a bripe, or a brain-light.

To a man, the Yankee roster looks like they'd be cruel to animals.

Look, did the Yankees just hit a grand slam to take a 2 run lead on the Sox in 7th? Yes.
Is Aaron Judge 0 for 4? Also, Yes.

I'm calling it a moral victory.

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lewd, bad term for sex workers, honestly it's just terrible Show more

The most upsetting thing about Lonesome Dove was how often the main characters referred to their dicks as "Carrots"

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Which fraternal order that the guy who built the house we're moving into belonged to was most likely to be up to some True Detective Season One bullshit? (These are all 100% real and from his obituary)

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[reads the room] so everyone here is jokes and silliness!

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Why these beagles (baby eagles) unattended? Where are any of their 3 parents?

Client in Oklahoma just called me a yankee, and like, I get it, but c'mon, man.

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