Right, so I've decided against making my group face a dracolich, just think that might be a bit much. 2 young white shadow dragons though...I think they'll manage...

Like, I feel like you only really enjoy a bank holiday if you work a "traditional" job or win the shift raffle... dunno, maybe I'm jaded

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Didn't even know it was a bank holiday today. Not that I've actually enjoyed a bank holiday in like 3 years.

Guy trying to make conversation with me: so, were there a lot of hot girls in Florida.

Me, crashing from coffee and a 12 hour night shift: yeah...ummmm...there's a lot of pretty people around there...hmmm

It's also a shit litmus test. At most, it tells someone if they're a complete scumbag or not, and like, I dont know, someone being not a scumbag isn't enough for me.

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You know, when folks find out I'm American, why do they always ask me what I think about tr*mp or did I/didn't I vote for him? Like, just ask me if I'm a scumbag or not, fuck this litmus test.

Right, sorted it. It'll only be for this week now, but fucking hell that was scary

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Great, starting a new job, and already it's looking like wtf. First week, 72 hours, all night shifts?! Your having a laugh. Like, yes, the first two nights have to be night's, whatever, but this! After they seemed cool with an average 36 hour days. Ugh

Eye contact, middle finger, pic 

Christ why do I look so tired.


My latest sexy fantasy obsession is getting cucked. Ffs why! Can I for once have fantasies where I'm the top! Where I'm the bull! Nay, I am resigned to this life.

The Judas no vine lives rent free in my head 24/7. It's gotten to the point where in moments of peace and tranquility, I will go "myrr...myrr-DER! Judas, no-"

I watched Dune the other day, and, I dont know if it's all the media review stuff I watch that look at media through a feminist/queer theory lense, but I could not help but notice how the Harkonnens are very much queer coded, and how their queerness is foiled against the Aetreides heteronormativity. It's made all the more stark by the fact that both houses actual foils of eachother, in that their values, standards, and beliefs are so contrasted. In this essay I will...

Going to mates place to watch Dune and maybe drink some wine. Dressed nice, put on some nice smelly tings, and even shaved my head and trimmed my beard. It's nice to actually be doing things again, and getting nice and prettied up

its 2012. your roommate calls you into the kitchen and shows you a youtube video. it's penatonix - starships (nicki minaj cover. they wait expectantly for you to react positively

thinking about the massive effort it takes for NATO leadership’s psychological operations to maintain its massive propaganda effort against the legacy of USSR against no active opposition just the weight of real history. Thinking about how NATO’s oldest and richest member states probably spend more money per year fighting the propaganda war against USSR now than they ever did while USSR existed. softly Loling as I think about this

The only time I ever mass clean my room is when I lose my glasses, even though I roughly know where my glasses are going to be...like, it's the only way I can get my brain to really clean

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