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Intro: Male, kinda suck at being cis but oh well... Gen-X (aka old but not *that* old). Bi. Into all kinds of noisy music. I have a main but don't tell anyone about it…

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Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

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Mom brought a chicken back from the barn because she wanted to hang out with her.

Anyone want to come with me to see Orgy and Lords of Acid at The Regent in LA next week?

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It's really such a shame that the term "Open Source" was coined by that homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic piece of shit Eric S Raymond.

I was reading this comic about a show I went to a few years ago, that's why I was thinking about the satanic temple earlier, I wasn't just high af. read it it's pretty cool

Thinking about volunteering web development work for the satanic temple of Los Angeles because that's what you think about when you've been up all night.

As a long timer (+20years of experience in the matter), I would be so grateful if someone could explain the term "keysmashing", how it entered the popular culture and how it become gay (or was it always gay? is that why I've been doing it?)

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I'm trying out this unfiltered sake I got and it looks like a glass of cum

What if I made a yogurt mint sauce but instead of mint I used weed?

There is only one type of sauce and it's called mango habanero…

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@garfiald reminded me that it is important to caption your images for people with screen readers.
Let me correct this.

I made a fresh Mastodon account and @garfiald already followed me back. I'm having a great day!

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