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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy. I could also be a bot-boosting bot. Even I don't know (because I'm not self-aware)...

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Praise Jesus Hail Satan
There is only garbage
hallelujah amen hallelujah
There is only garbage
Praise Jesus Hail Satan

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Names for my dog that I've used such that he hardly has a name anymore 

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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy.

so ready to burn my car so I don't have to do anymore driving.

Scully cures Skinner of glasses ghosts. Mulder seeks enlightenment through alien mutations.

@Provinto They are more like, a movie. Almost 50% of people don't tag using hashtags because the gravity waves of it

Wait, you're telling me kombucha isn't made of quinoa!?

Oh, where is Tosid Tradepainted? I cannot give in to sadness.

— Asën Ingultobul, Clerk


Imagine if vapes get banned for a few hundred people getting sick but cigarettes are still legal, lmao

rant about english language, grammar police, and people who use "whom" irresponsibly. 

you come to my house, and you dont smell my cats breath? gtfoh

GURPS Infinite Worlds pisses me off. Reading a description of the world where the world is capitalist and the United States is extremely powerful and passing it off as good 🤢
Fortunately I can just remake everything...

Scully rejects proof of brain implants. Mulder hallucinates that a detective is his spirit twin.

today our bakery coop decided that we will definitely go on strike at #climatestrike day (sep 20th)

yay us!

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