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I may have posted this awesome quote on my alt but here it is on this account. It's a quotation from the chapter on Council Organization in Workers' Councils... I fucking love Pannekoek :hammer_and_sickle: :ancomheart:

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Praise Jesus Hail Satan
There is only garbage
hallelujah amen hallelujah
There is only garbage
Praise Jesus Hail Satan

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Names for my dog that I've used such that he hardly has a name anymore 

Good Boy!
Hund (pronounced with a German U but an English D... Esperanto...)
Hund (like in German)
Pupperus Prime

Symbolism? No! Mr Moneybags and his buddies are literally necromantic vampires serving capital, the biggest baddest werewolf!

Dwarf Fortress graphic description of gore and violence 

This is the most horrifying combat log. Saved it and found it again recently:

Nako bites the narrow-eyes goblin bowman in the right eye from behind, tearing apart the right eyelid's skin! Nako latches on firmly! Nako shakes the narrow-eyes goblin bowman around by the right eye and the right eye collapses! The narrow-eyes goblin bowman is unable to break the grip of Nako's upper front teeth on The narrow-eyes goblin bowman's right eye! Nako shakes the narrow-eyes goblin bowman around by the right eye, tearing apart the right eye!

I love writing brief little things as if they were in Dwarf Fortress 

"My emotions have been removed. I don't really care one way or the other."

DS9 s4e11 "Homefront (1)" 

The existence of restaurants is probably the biggest obstacle towards considering the Federation as communist.

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daylight savings 

spring backward; fall forward

Today, bandcamp's share of album sales are donated to the NAACP. It's a great day to buy music on bandcamp.

Ted Kaczynski was hunting a rabbit
Said a lazily amorous abbot.
They all got a trial
He brooked with denial
"I can think of many a worse habit!"

Just misread "Megan McCain" as "Afghan McCain" and i know now that coffee doesn't work.

It's funny stumbling upon the scenes of my previous excursions. This is right outside of a civic mound of some random hillocks. I think it's one of my scenes because there are glumprong arrows around, which is something that I like to make.

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I got the necromancer's slab, though. Too bad I can't read 🙃 I'm a goblin anyway, so the only reason I'd have for learning the secret of life and death is to write it down.

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