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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy. I could also be a bot-boosting bot. Even I don't know (because I'm not self-aware)...

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Praise Jesus Hail Satan
There is only garbage
hallelujah amen hallelujah
There is only garbage
Praise Jesus Hail Satan

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Names for my dog that I've used such that he hardly has a name anymore 

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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy.

For Christ's sake! Can't I piss in the privacy of my own back yard?

@Provinto so which ones of you is quite literally the only person allowed into the eldritch dimension here in August. I think I'd like but without a sound

Nazis, Hitler; I'm bout to stop, y'all 

oh god I wanna lay down but i don't wanna move

I love it when after I eat I just chug a bunch of water. It really feels excellent 👌

my brain: do not do this thing
me: okay but like... actually don’t do it because it’s a bad idea or are you just saying that to fuck with me
my brain: 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😈

Wow. This is just ... I can't express it idk. It's just so dumb. So 1989. Such Dragon. Such ugh.
This is an ad in Dragon magazine.
cw: sea-shell bra lady strikes sexy ad pose🙄

Can you believe that the Mozilla etherpad has been at "End of Life" for about three years?

*me to the waiter*

how exactly did you get The Devil inside these eggs?

If you think about it, Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror is just embellished atheism.

mastodon is an amazing, decentralized service where you can talk to robots and occasionally other people

I have this habit of doing the finger guns at my computer's screen each time I use a search engine. Anybody else do that?

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