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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy. I could also be a bot-boosting bot. Even I don't know (because I'm not self-aware)...

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Praise Jesus Hail Satan
There is only garbage
hallelujah amen hallelujah
There is only garbage
Praise Jesus Hail Satan

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Names for my dog that I've used such that he hardly has a name anymore 

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I may be >90% hyperbole, exaggeration, & redundancy.

This place could really use some more trouble. It's boring.

— ïngiz Ösirasob, expedition leader

I'd really love to try running Troika. But I gotta finish running GURPS Carrion Crown -- and I'm only one session in... :marx_think:

"terrifying arachnid with head like harry potter's 'the grim'"
meanwhile the actual arachnid:

oh I didn't know we had so many think emojis on rad town. I've only ever used two of these.

🤔 :thinking_upsidedown: :marx_think: :tailsthink: :blobhyperthink: :blobgalaxythink:

I gave somebody food. There will be no sympathy from me.

— Edëm Isethilral, broker

@CornishRepublicanArmy minecraft life:

decent sized living area
extremely organized
garbage doesn't exist and things you don't want can just get thrown at a cactus and it goes poof
has extensive gardens and bushes n stuff for food
more pets
like actually it's super organized omg why can't we be like this IRL

real life:

garbage. it exists. and doesn't get taken out.
everything is in disarray
i have no idea where anything is help
no garden ;-;
no pets 😭
what is cooking and why isn't it easy

conclusion: real life sucks and minecraft world is perfect
when do we get to live in the minecraft I needs it

queer indigenous-mix bat here to remind you that tomorrow is not "columbus day", but it is indigenous peoples day

support indigenous peoples, all across the globe. fuck colonizers

getting angry about Destiny 2 portraying rust on Titan, as if you haven't quite picked up on conspiracy youtube. not looking forward to spending the next week. It's not safe to toot and drive, don't do what?

I'm slightly alarmed that I can still fit into my skinny jeans.

ok, I'm getting more interested in running or playing Pathfinder 2 now that I'm looking at it. It's possible I might run a conversion of an adventure path after I finish running GURPS Carrion Crown.

because my display name is catto i have changed my header and avatar pic to be On-Brand™️

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