Hi sorry but I have a new newsletter, it is very long and the movie is incredibly bad but here you can read PARTY MOM if you don't want to subscribe or if you don't check your emails here okay bye

@Pixley woohoo! can't wait :) p.s. hi, how was your Thanksgiving weekend?

@Pixley goooood 👌 also, I very much enjoyed experiencing the highs and many, many lows of Party Mom through the Karen lens

@Pixley have I mentioned yet my appreciation for your hot pink aesthetic on there?

@Pixley i love how the movie just doesn't, end? like they just had all this going on and decided eh, good enough, cut it here

@velexiraptor they'd put in a long couple of days working on Party Mom and they were pretty worn out, you know?


Caroline visits Jackie in prison, and after Jackie makes some vague threats, Caroline hits her with this line, "No. I'm the Party Mom now."

Smash Cut to Caroline, Gary, Brittany, and Emma playing Jenga and drinking virgin pina coladas, with Ashley - surprise, she's not dead, it was all just a ruse to get Jackie to surrender her parental rights.

@Pixley just wanted to say thank you for not making any jokes about teenagers in car crashes

@error_1202 I was in a very bad car crash as a teen, so yeah, no problem there!

Car crash death 

Car crash death 

Car crash death 

@Pixley i cannot stop laughing at 'what's the party for?' 'it's for school'

@Pixley the part where they forget the main character's name was really demonstrative of the overall quality

@Sindemoref I rewound it to check because surely I must have misheard, surely even this garbage movie wouldn't do that, but nooooope

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