1 boost = 1 thing I think about a lot, probably more than I should

I already said this today, but I would like to repeat: the bad guy from 10 Things I Hate About You was arrested because his cult was selling kombucha without a license (have I been thinking about this all day? Yes)


When I was little I watched an episode of Wishbone that had a little behind-the-scenes segment about foley artists, and they thumped rolls of toilet paper on tile flooring to make the sound of Wishbone running, thumpa thumpa thump there goes the bookish Jack Russell terrier

Blobfish look like totally normal fish when they're swimming around in their own homes, you'd look pretty terrible if you were taken out of your regularly pressured environment and made to fuckin faff around too

Randy Johnson exploding a bird, I think about that a lot

When I was in third grade, I said "here!" when the teacher didn't say "Karen" but said "Erik" and that has stuck with me for some fuckin reason

Strawberries aren't actually berries but bell peppers are

I put a bunch of clocks on my wedding registry because I like clocks and we didn't have any, and multiple people were like, "boy that's .... a lot of clocks"

When my brother was in college, he lived in a house with basically the whole baseball team, and they had couches set up in stadium seating fashion, which struck me as tremendously impressive

Also in third grade, we did a class play of The Shoemaker and the Elves, and I played the shoemaker's wife and complained about having to make cabbage soup all the time but the prop I had was actually lettuce, and I was mad about it the whole time

Alex Trebek put his hand on the small of my back and I did not like it

Y'all know about the Tamam Shud guy? I think about that a lot, and about how one of the things that makes him out of place is the direction of the stripes on his tie

We're literally never going to catch the Zodiac killer

Ron Santo yelling, "he dropped the ball! Oh WHY would he DO THAT” is something I will think about forever

Actually you know what, circling back on the Zodiac, there's a theory that there is no Zodiac killer, and it comes to me out of nowhere at least once a week

Evelyn Waugh was married to a woman who was also named Evelyn, and their friends called them He-Evelyn and She-Evelyn

Like everyone, I think about the Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve a lot

My childhood cat was named Mugwump when we adopted her at the shelter


Shoeless Joe Jackson got screwed, and Kenesaw Mountain Landis should be ashamed of himself

At my brother-in-law's wedding reception, they served lemon sorbet between courses and it was the fanciest fucking thing that's ever happened to me

I went to a St. Paul Saints game in like 2008 and it was Marcel Marceau Night, so now the sentence "Marcel Marceau was in the French Resistance" floats across my brain every few days

I know this is old hat, but how does anyone ever stop thinking about how much Paul Ryan loves Rage Against the Machine

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@Dayglochainsaw nut, fruit, vegetable, and berry all have hilariously divergent botanical and food definitions

@Pixley i don't watch jeopardy but my parents do watch the old people channel so at this point i've seen more trebek in life insurance ads than on the show he's known for

but that's good he was very professional with the exception of inappropriately touching you

@Pixley - Zodiac is probably dead or extremely old and sitting in a nursing home somewhere pooping on himself.

@Pixley this thread makes me happy and proud to know you

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@Pixley karen why did the saint paul saints have a marcel marceau night just wondering

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@Pixley how did they make it Marcel Marceau night? I am assuming from your toot that biographical facts were shared?

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@Pixley Storing that much maple syrup makes me think of the Boston Molasses Disaster

@Pixley There's a punk song about it that I get stuck in my head on a regular basis: m.youtube.com/watch?v=UZnxuPat

@Pixley Canada learned from the Great Molasses Flood the destructive potential of syrups

@Pixley wow, holy shit if I ever forget his gender in a sentence, I’ll use this to dismissively say “oh dear no, I meant his wife, Evelyn.”

@brightneedle my cat, who is a girl, is named for Evelyn Waugh,,,,, but which one?


@Pixley whaaaa how does that work - the actions attributed to Zodiac were what, random and they just claimed responsibility?

@georgieboy yeah, that rather than a genius changing his MO and operating in different jurisdictions to throw off the cops and being a master of disguise, it was just, different people, and a crank claiming responsibility

@Pixley I suppose that's no more unbelievable, not knowing a lot more about what happened than what I learned reading a couple 'true crime' books and what's in popular culture (haven't seen the movie).

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