I'm not saying that I decided to do a Lifetime movie called Cradle Swapping *because* my friends were having a baby but I am also not not saying that

@Pixley I love how it ends with them just having two babies now and also the adoptive mom doesn't get any baby at all

@Pixley this seems like the perfect lead in to a sequel about the horrors facing baby nanny

@Pixley Me, last night "why is someone named Karen emailing me about Cradle Swapping? Is this penance for the reborn doll shopping?"

"oh god"

@Pixley also rich lady should take the other baby because she's got the money to be sure Hannah gets good treatment

@platypus there's a longread on Jezebel about women who make reborns but I haven't gotten to it yet!

@Pixley Two weeks ago I was managing a forum re: labor in LAM and I ended up getting my whole lunch table searching reborns on their phones. Hashtag winning.

@Pixley this is gonna fuck up my Etsy so bad and/or ebay is just sending me notifications...

@Pixley hm


@platypus this one is totally acceptable, as far as these things go

@Pixley I also would've accepted a total horror show of one in a reasonable price.

It's gonna be smuggled into a horror author's house.

@Pixley I will forever remember "ha ha! No pizza and beer for us, we are women!"

@kioskwitch @Pixley "The babies, they come from people. Live births because they’re mammals"

@Pixley this was really great. Crossing my fingers for you to get that sweet, sweet GrantPad money.

:promoted: GrantPad

@laser so do you know someone at GrandPad, can you get me in touch with them

@Pixley @laser GrandPad is what we call my grandpa’s tablet that has the text size turned all the way up

@Pixley @laser oh dear. This is a real thing. There is a 5 gallon bucket’s worth of egg on my face rn

@Pixley well I found the social media manager for GrantPad, because I no read so good.

@Pixley in the immortal words of Gene Wilder as Leo Bloom, "Wow!"

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