@Pixley oh my god I kept getting this for months

@Pixley I would hope so but also...... Ive seen people make much worse purchases

@dreadpirateyarr @kioskwitch oh I get the weird peasant outfits all the time, I should be swaddling myself in sixty yards of calico I guess

@spookcentral @Pixley @ghostwife i wouldn't wear it in public, but i'm considering buying this

@healyn @Pixley @spookcentral @ghostwife finally, I'll have something to wear to the pool noodle jousting tournament

@pizza I was reading an article about sports!!!

@Pixley if only there was an ahaego face graphic on it too, then itd be perfect

> What have I done to deserve this ad

well you turned off adblocker, didnt you 🤷

@Pixley whenever you figure it out let me know so I can do it too, I want one

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