Good morning from this squirrel sitting in a tree with a whole ear of corn

@aflightybroad the corn is from a cornfield in the middle of campus, it is the oldest experimental field in the United States and the squirrels eat the corn out of it, they are heroes


I have not been blessed by any wild animals yet today, so I'm happy to live vicariously through your squirrel encounter.

@Pixley one question, this squirrel and the ear of corn, cute or the cutest?

@SanfordianPhil pretty cute, but not the cutest (the cutest are the squirrels who sit up and ask me for treats)

@Pixley we should all be coffee drinking, non-working squirrels

@Pixley what are the happening haps? What's the skinny? What's the vibe?

@MoMartin I'm just at work, putting a tremendous strain on the university wifi, thinking about the hot cider I'm gonna drink soon, what are the Mo haps??

@Pixley Pretty all right! I did that action yesterday with some comrades, trying to shame a company that took a contract with ICE. I seem to have emotionally navigated the waters between the Scylla of "WE ARE SO GREAT" and the Charybdis of "WE DID NOTHING BUT SHOUT IN THE WIND" and feel solidly fine about it. So that's good.

@MoMartin it is good to Do Things and even better to feel solidly fine about them, A+ Mo

@Pixley That’s right. I’ve been a chubby squirrel this whole time

@Pixley Imagine me slamming a storm door in your face, but it’s got the screen in and it doesn’t slam very hard and we’re still just kind of standing there looking through the screen

@Pixley *sigh*

No of course not.

Do you want to come in and have a bagel?

@brogepi I would love to eat a bagel while you chew on some acorns and then bury them for the winter

@Pixley Sometimes I eat young birds or other small mammals...wait seriously? That can’t be right, can it?

@douglasfur the surrounding block is truly strewn with corncobs right now, it's hilarious

@Pixley "After 150 years, the experiment of crop rotation has been deemed a failure"

@Pixley was this the same squirrel that had a piece of pizza at one point

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