@Pixley god—no! Wow this ad is owning me. I'm barely making anything out of Terra cotta at all

@Pixley why don’t you mind your own business!!

@Pixley we're imagining a brickmaker reacting to this the way Hawaiian astronomers react to being asked why they don't study the ocean
@Pixley "shit? fuck? I dunno! why don't you practice law?! why don't I study the ocean? why doesn't she make flower pots? who knows!! things could have been different, but for some reason they're not! okay!?"

@Pixley becoming a great depression era street tough so I can yell "eyyy, why doncha go make flowerpots!!" and get into a fight at the docks

@Pixley that's right, you'll see!! I'm gonna be somebody

@Louisa @Pixley I'm gonna make my flower pots with little holes at the rim so they can be strung and then worn as a chapeau.

@Pixley Don't go making flowerpots
Please stick to the cornices and bricks that you're used to

Deeply held religious beliefs is why not. I somehow am against terra cotta.

@Pixley my new favorite way to tell someone to fuck off

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