@Pixley this reminds me of the left behind series but for nationalists

@Pixley where the fuck is book 3 and 4 as im worried what happens in those too

@Pixley he's listed as the author of "forsaking home" but "going home" is book one of the series, so like... is the "home" just a recurring motif unrelated to the series???

@uncletrunks @Pixley Extremely good that an arm of Penguin Books keeps this guy's garbage on their website.

bathroom stuff 

@uncletrunks no one's talking to you, dipshit, oh wow, hoo boy, this is high art

@calm @Pixley Customers Also Bought Items By: Boyd Craven III who has a series of books about things getting progressively darker

@calm @Pixley my absolute favorite thing though is his bio which is just [chefs kiss]

@Louisa @calm @Pixley I think he might be confused by the words "fun" "humor" and "snark" as well

@calm @radicalrobit @Pixley I think he wants to say he excels at it but they don't even sound the same

@Pixley how do you survive home? Or resurrect home? What does that even mean?

@remulacfrommars @Pixley "Enforcing Home" in particular sounds like the ethnic cleansing volume

@Pixley the story I'm seeing is a soldier yearns to go home from war, then decided home is bad actually and burns it down, then rebuilds (maybe)

@Pixley there's some real pathology here and presumably in the other 9 books in this series
@Pixley yeah and there's like barely a plot outside of the protagonist shitting and spitting

just the most racist shit 

@uncletrunks @Pixley ctrl+f โ€œnon aggression principleโ€ and see if you donโ€™t get an integer overflow exception.

@Pixley look out for his step brother Norm L. Pearson

@Pixley well they say donโ€™t judge a book by its cover, but uhhhh, there is no way these are not all trash

@JohnBrownJr oh they are deffo racist weirdo garbage that they feel comfortable selling down at the Barnes and Noble

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