It is my fondest wish that everybody who has a stick up their ass about using they/them to refer to a single person because *~it's not grammatically correct~* realizes they're wrong, and that that's how they realize all the other prescriptivist grammar bullshit they think is real is also just classist gatekeepy garbage based on nothing

Less or fewer? who cares
ain't? it's fine
among or between? whatever
split infinitive? this isn't Latin, motherfucker


for real though, language is about communication, not performing rules correctly. If two people are speaking english together and breaking all the rules, and you butt in to tell them they are doing it all wrong, that's like going to another country and demanding they speak english.

I hope that analogy tracks. Like, it's how we all communicate, and it's effective enough, so proper rules add nothing but conformity to some group we don't care about

@baronnarcveldt yes! Exactly. If you know what I mean, then you know what I mean, we have both performed our linguistic duties properly.

@Pixley Hell yeah says me the guy who will never learn when it’s right to use lay or lie

@brogepi it doesn't matter! I will tell you if you ask, but people will know what you mean! (It's usually "lie" though)

@Pixley I remember the day you told me less/fewer was bullshit and it Set Me Free

@neoncoughh hahah I also remember that! If there's no distinction between "countably more" and "an amorphous mass of more" then why would there be a difference for fewer/less?? WHY

"Should this be 'less' or 'fewer'?"
"Which one is the opposite of 'more'?"
"...both?? of them??"
"Then who cares"

@Pixley my least favorite is when people get up my ass over "than me" vs "than I." They both track, motherfucker, it just depends on if you are using regular old accusative case (than me) or implying an "am" (than I [am]). But it doesn't matter anyway!!!!!

@ourspecial you can make a "grammatical" case for either one but it doesn't matter! They know what you meant!!!


It's always weird to me how you can place the easiest out there is right in someone's hand and they'll still drop it and flee in tears. :/


I'm always hesitant to drag therapy-speak into meta but you could be right.

@Pixley See also the 18th century rant about how corrupt the youth is using singular *you* from the autobiography of Thomas Elwood

@chaomodus I am not familiar with this but it sounds hilarious

long 18th C rant 

@chaomodus hahahah oh my god I love the moralistic tone here. What a bunch of silly nonsense, thank you for sharing it!

@Pixley right? it's so good and is great whenever somebody gets it up their butt about singular they (aside from friggin shakespeare using it and otherc things)

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

long 18th C rant 

@Pixley also THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! singular they is WIDELY accepted in copyediting!!!!

@alex well *sniff* copyediting isn't reeeeeal writing

@alex @Pixley Please tell this to the stick-up-ass copyeditors I work with, thx :heart_parrot:

@Pixley anyone who says language is this concrete, unchanging thing doesn't read books. Read something a few decades or a hundred years old and tell me how steadfast language is. Language is air.

@interneteh @Pixley I just thought of saying this to my dad, imagining his response as

"Why, people do talk that way, don't they? By golly everyone I know speaks in such a manner as to cause their pantaloons to ride straight up to one's navel."

@Pixley definitely agree with this. Also language is fluid, if it wasn't English wouldn't exist today much less any.

@Pixley I encourage anyone who rages about the misuse of the English language to travel to southern Applachia. If they're angry about "they/them", imagine their reaction when people there regularly smear 3-4 words together in a thick accent

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