Good morning, this image is at the top of a New York Times article about celery juice, and it looks like a shitpost

@bryn also the headline is "Why Is Everyone Drinking Celery Juice as if It Will Save Them From Dying?"

@bryn a ghost told a "medical guru" to drink celery juice so now everybody's drinking celery juice

this is true

@Pixley why would you take medical advice from a ghost, it's fucking dead

@bryn this is also, it important to note, how chiropractics got started. The guy who started chiropractics wasn't a doctor, but the ghost who talked to him was

@Pixley I don't know how much more of this I can take Karen oh my god

@Pixley im uncomfortable with how much i already know about this guys book


@Pixley @bryn I see it’s posh and all fad to drink celery juice, but have they tasted celery pickle noodles? Those are just wonderful wonderful treats

@Pixley I grow food,so if I offer any tips, it's insider trading

@interneteh @norm I do a really good impression of Martin yelping, "soy! Soy!!"

@Pixley @norm this warms my heart

also I'm on a road trip right now, so I'm gonna be thinking about this episode a lot

@interneteh @Pixley @norm well i didn't think i was rehabilitated, but i guess they needed the extra bed

@lennie @Pixley @norm "dorkus malorkus" is in regular usage at our house

I will never have as good curation skills as Karen

@Pixley thank you for posting about this one instead of bret stephens' bullshit

@healyn oh I saw that, and I saw Brooks's "don't drive me away, Dems," and I saw "the dream of a Harris-Buttigieg ticket" and I posted about celery

@Food well I hope it ends a little better for the celery juice people than it did for the guy in Pi

@Pixley Trading Places but they buy celery juice futures

@KitRedgrave @Pixley I looked up the website of the person credited with the picture, Tracy Ma:

...let me just say that it lends credence to your suggestion...

@Pixley I think that might actually be what that image is. Journalism isn’t that much higher above it, honestly. Also, what relevant news is there about celery anyway?

@Pixley Injecting celery futures directly into my brain and becoming one with the invisible hand of the market

@Pixley is it a shitpost or a textbook background image?

@Pixley looks like the precogs found another killer vegetable

@Pixley I like the royalty-free jpeg of celery in the upper right corner

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