I'm trying to get this livestock newspaper edited for upload and just, this ad, I just,

@laser @Pixley I dunno it's all I got. Also those things look like they are spinning?!? Maybe?

@Pixley The person who wrote this is a time traveling Mastodon poster. I am making it my duty to find them

@RobinHood scanning newspapers and magazines is a real pain in the ass, but there are some delightful ads in there and that almost makes up for it

@RobinHood @Pixley it’s so wonderfully in earnest! “here’s our thing, here are some incredibly transparent self-serving and at minimum exaggerated claims about the thing, buy the thing, here’s how. please?” compared to the 4d lie chess marketers play today it’s refreshing, like walking out of a product meeting and going to sit in a cool leafy glade for an hour so the toxins can leach out of your soul


@baturkey would you like to hear some inside Jeopardy info that explains this

@baturkey so after they announce the category, while you're figuring out your wager for final, they come around and tell you to write "who" or "what", to save you writing time.

@baturkey I think that also subtly encourages you to make a guess, they hate when you don't even guess, just write something! Just the "what" looks very silly.

@Pixley "I'm trying to get this livestock newspaper edited for upload", ah yes, carry on

I would get sidetracked so often doing your job. I once had to box up 20,000 books to be shipped and it was hard to just put books in a box. I kept finding books like "The Science of Mental Cybernetics" and needing to know more

@Authoritimmy oh most of what we do is incredibly boring, also I do very often Slack myself books to check out once they go up online

I opened that book to a random page and at the top it said "Success or failure depends primarily on a person's ability to align their thought beams”

@Pixley just curious-- where are you uploading this to?

@Pixley oh hell yes! thank you for your contribution-- I use the vintage book, catalog and newspaper resources from the IA on the reg for so many different projects. Lovely lovely stuff

@Pixley there's so much that the document side of the IA has going for it that it's honestly unbelievable that it exists as a resource

@thubish the IA is currently working on a thing that would trawl Wikipedia articles looking for books that we have on archive dot org and automatically linking to them, and it rules so much

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