I'm trying to get this livestock newspaper edited for upload and just, this ad, I just,

@laser @Pixley I dunno it's all I got. Also those things look like they are spinning?!? Maybe?

@alex @laser here is the full page, I do not know, it appears to just be an ad for the market

@alex @laser I guess??? But like, what is she carrying on the tray?????

@Pixley @alex listen this whole thing reeks of begging to be dommed and I'm not gonna read any further into it

@laser @alex do you want to see the ad for a hog oiler I just went past

@Pixley @laser @alex I like how there's a picture of the hog oiler, and also a picture of a weird cylinder with a pig next to it

@Pixley @lawremipsum @alex just the wettest voice ever:
Please, let me oil the hogs, just tell me how many hogs need oiled

@lawremipsum @laser @alex I have just realized my image description got autocorrected from "hog oiler" to "hot boiler" and, next to the picture of the guy, is that even any better

@Pixley @lawremipsum @laser @alex im actually fascinated by this invention so thanks for sharing

@alex @lawremipsum @Pixley @laser Hey hey HOGger, said the way you cure, gonna shake your bacon, gonna make you spoor!

@Pixley Thank you for showing us that. I had no idea this was a thing. But how could anyone not take that out of context?

@Pixley @brogepi @laser @lawremipsum @alex

Karen please Twitch stream yourself playing through Bioshock! it's the best video game about hamfisted criticism of underwater objectivism. :blobaww: 🖥️

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@Authoritimmy @laser @Pixley @lawremipsum @alex I am connecting the hog oiler to the feral hogs on my big Pepe Silvia board because the numbers line up

@Pixley @Authoritimmy oh I'm sure, but I don't know how to leave well enough alone. Was 30-50 supposed to be something like 1488?

Feral hog discourse 

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@Pixley @laser @alex

I worked for Defra (British Environment Ministry) for 3 years, and shortly afterwards moved from SE England to Suffolk and work in a rural area with pig farms very few km.

I have never heard of anyone in England oiling a pig; but clearly there must be some benefit in doing so for elaborate machines to be built in USA to achieve this.

Any farmers or vets in the house?

@vfrmedia It was to stop hog lice from spreading hog cholera. Now, they get vaccines and pests are wiped out, so it's not really a problem anymore.

The idea was the smoother the lice. These didn't really work, from what I'm reading, because people just used old oil from whatever they had.

And people collect the machines themselves now.

@KARiley40 over here we have extensive use of vaccines and herd monitoring (across the whole of UK and continental Europe)

I since found that pig oil is still a thing and available, but it is more commonly used for pet pigs and horses rather than on large farms.

Smearing pigs (or any other creature) with old engine oil or any other unsuitable material is *extremely* strongly discouraged, and outright illegal in many European countries.

@vfrmedia Ahh, most interesting!

And yes, I am sure that people using any old oil is exactly why it became illegal!

I assume, however, the pigs must enjoy it or people wouldn't continue to offer it.

@KARiley40 it seems more popular for use on horses legs nowadays; and many litres are exported from England to Germany for this purpose.

Its not cheap, and the container comes with a warning not to drink it 😆

@vfrmedia @Pixley @laser @alex I haven't got a clue... but it might be snake oil, only for hogs?

@nuttgodd @laser @alex yeah of course, I have never made anything up in my entire life

@Pixley @laser @alex I'm on the verge of happy tears imagining fields of happy hogs rubbing against these oilers and I didn't even think it was real

@Pixley @laser @alex this man's quest to make hogs happy and oiled at his own risk is the only good that has ever come from capitalism

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