I have barely started this, and I would like to award Caity Weaver the Pulitzer, and the Nobel Prize, and a Gold Glove, just all the awards you can give a person

@Pixley @alex as well as the 308-page 1994 “Bride’s All New Book of Etiquette.” (Page 213: “‘Don’t DJ’s show up at parties in jeans, wearing gold chains?’ Simply specify that you would like the DJ to wear formal attire.”)

@Pixley @alex The product was discontinued in the United States in 2012 but continued to be sold in Canada. In 2016, General Mills announced a campaign called "Smugglaroos", which encouraged Canadians travelling to the United States to bring the snack to Americans who wanted it.[2]

@baturkey @alex oh my GOD, can someone who is not me please change their display name to "Smugglaroo"

@Pixley In 1994, "my irrational need to receive constant updates on all current events and internet gossip" was fulfilled by Usenet.

@Pixley On reading further, at least 20% of this person's problem is that in 1994 they were a child who had not yet learned to use the Yellow Pages (which I assume still exist based on the fact that they continued to be dumped, unasked for, on my doorstep annually at least through 2010).

@gcupc @Pixley I remember being taught how to use phone books, dictionaries, and encyclopedias in elementary school in the 80s

@Pixley I am torn between remembering 1994 better and also not having been an adult or even teen. Also this is wild.

@platypus my experience of 1994 had probably about as many Dunkaroos as Caity Weaver's did

@Pixley "One person seemed to think I was lying to get out of looking at a dog’s Instagram account."

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