Listen, I am on my lunch and I am very bored and I am still thinking about this pigeon thing

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@Pixley it is so so nice to suck on my pigeon’s beak

@Pixley the disparity between the details on the different hands is alarming

@purgatos I'm scanning an omnibus of The Avicultural Magazine from the 1950s

@Pixley “the efficient, the spectacular” sounds like the name of a mid-period Blood Brothers song

@neoncoughh the breakdown in "The Efficient, the Spectacular" fucking rips

@Pixley going to gently prise open some mandibles, as one does of a Wednesday morning

@Pixley Karen, stop reading the NYT opinion section!

@Pixley Listen I love our pigeons but I would never in a million years

@Pixley Language library has unexpectedly failed. Please restart human.

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