We scanned a book called The Modern Housewife and it is from 1856, and the first recipe is for toast, and I am extremely charmed by this

This book is a big fan of curry powder, and only wishes it were cheaper, so that the poor could enjoy the stimulation it provides and wouldn't have to turn to...other stimulants

@Pixley Alexis Soyer knew how to be charming, I think.

@ghost_bird oh wow I didn't think to look up the author, what a life this guy lived!

@Pixley I thought I recognised the title when you mentioned it - turns out it's because Elizabeth David wrote about him.

@Pixley (And now I have to look up his "Gastronomic Regenerator", if only for the title.)

@neoncoughh just picturing someone holding a jar of curry powder in one hand and a bottle of gin in the other and shrugging

@Pixley is this book available for my eyeballs, I already have a very glitchy copy of Mrs. Beeton on my Kindle

@Pixley HOORAY you know other cookbooks of the era have made me realize we've been drinking almond milk for a hell of a long time

@Louisa yeah this one has a whole section of almond milk, rice milk, barley milk, etc, for "invalids". My favorite cookbook we've scanned is this one: because it's also a household manual and "guide to rapid wealth"

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