Good morning, 1000 years ago there was a woman in Germany making illuminated manuscripts using incredibly precious lapis lazuli, and we know this because we looked at the tartar on her teeth

@Pixley Or maybe she just ate rocks for fun; jury’s out!

@alex it would literally be like eating gold for fun, but anything is possible!

@franciecashman it's incredible, I love how many different disciplines had to get involved to figure this out!

@Pixley fucking awesome; that applies both to the scribe and the sleuthing!

@Pixley can’t wait to tell my dental hygienist to “leave a little something for the archaeologists”

@alana who KNOWS what's in your mouth that will be of interest to the Future People???

@Pixley i just don’t want to run the risk of disrupting important future discoveries??? what’s a little gingivitis when weighed against that

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