Here are some moody-ass pictures my husband took of our chickens under their heat lamp

@Pixley those pictures would look great as an album cover for blonde redhead

@interneteh they're laying really well! But it had been warm for a few days and now it's cold again so they're grumpy.


2) Do they all have names, and even if they do, can I re-name one Roxanne, so I can tell her that she doesn't have to put on the red light?

@Quixote171 they do not, we sort of meant to name the red ones after communists and the black ones after anarchists but it took too long to tell them apart from each other so eh


So, I'm hearing, a yes, we can call one Roxanne.

@Quixote171 she does have to put on the red light though, otherwise she will freeze to death

@rubah they are just grouchy about how cold it got, which: same, but it's January after all

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