Please chime in if "your" "office" offers you free lunch because according to the New York Times it is "almost obligatory"

Amazon doesn't offer free food, because they "want to encourage employees to patronize local businesses" lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

@Pixley where in the fuck can I go to get a job at a place that gives me fucking beer. What the fuck

@nuttgodd you can work at Big Ass Fans, they have a beer fridge that unlocks "if the day's sales goals are met"

@Pixley one might say I'm a big ass fan. A fan of big asses that is

@Pixley what kinda millennial ass article writer ass young startup ass do I gotta be to work at a place that gives you free food

@nuttgodd Daily Harvest, "yesterday we had kelp pad thai and we didn't have enough for everybody, it was anarchy"

@Pixley like on 5 special occasions throughout the year sure

@radicalrobit we get $10 each a week to buy snacks and it feels like an absurd luxury

@Pixley @radicalrobit I'm not even allowed to park on university parking lots without buying a parking pass

@Pixley @radicalrobit @nuttgodd teachers paid for their parking passes too back when I taught uni, and now in k12, we just got vending machines and student lunch

@Pixley I know that Canva in Sydney does this. My work rarely does it, and does supply alcohol during those times.

@Pixley lollllllllllllll although at least in academia we do get leftovers from events sometimes. esp in a big library.

@Pixley my longest "shut the fuck up you fucking fuck" ever - 32 minutes

@laser @Pixley I wanna throw a rotten tomato at whoever wrote that shit and thinks free lunches are obligatory

@Pixley @dirt @laser and make it a beer and prime rib apparently

@nuttgodd @dirt @laser the fuckin American Enterprise Institute is the big prime rib place, a 22-year-old intern talks about how she can't go back to anything less! and then she goes back to her desk to think about how bad poor people are and how they deserve it





@nuttgodd @Pixley @dirt i am unreasonably mad right now. i fucking eat beans like three times a week.

@laser @Pixley @dirt I'm over here with a sack full of peanut butter hot sauce sandwiches like a god damn peasant

@nuttgodd @dirt @Pixley @laser @breakfastgolem I have not heard you talk about "Peanut butter hot sauce sandwiches" ever.

They do sound tasty though...

@Pixley @laser @dirt everyone already knows I eat my pb sammies with hot sauce

@nuttgodd @laser @dirt I have some sort of gating capability in my brain for extremely weird information about you, and this apparently did not make it past the gate

@Pixley @laser @dirt to be honest this is the least weird thing about me

@nuttgodd @dirt @Pixley @laser decadent, I survive five days a week on office provided coffee and dust.

@dirt @nuttgodd @laser @Pixley nah just pay me more and ill go eat somewhere else, i dont want your startup cult food. buncha soylent-drinkin asses

@nuttgodd @laser @Pixley
Big hecking same. I want to put them in one of those Nickelodeon shows from the 90s but with "unseasoned meats" instead of slime.

@Pixley uhh the board buys us lunch once a year after our busiest month??? uhh

@alex @Pixley a friend of mine works at one of these places, they actually have a ton of different food options. he used to get all three meals at work because he couldn't afford a place with a kitchen.

@Pixley well no fucjing shit if you work for an Italian fucking designer you're gonna get shit like that

@Pixley low cost multi course go fuck yourself. Fucking

@nuttgodd I'm starting to be a little bit genuinely sorry I brought this to you all

@Pixley well if we didn't get mad at the bourgeoisie then we'd lose our fire

@Pixley @nuttgodd it's a bullshit nytimes puff piece, we knew what we were getting ourselves into as soon as you posted it

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