My husband just sent me a text that just said "Wife!!!!!!!" and when I replied, after a minute, "yes, that's me, what," he responded, "it's happening!!!!!!!"

because: one of our chickens LAID AN EGG, A CHICKEN LAID AN EGG, WE DID IT

@pixley I thought the punchline would be him just being happy about you being his wife but this works too :)

@Pixley YAYYYYY CHICKENS!! CONGRATS on the first egg!!!!! 💗💞

@Pixley oh wow!!! No lol. I guess i hadnt logged online in so long it defaulted here. Back to rad town I go.

@pig this is absolutely what I picture in my head every time I hear "it's happening!!!"

@Pixley I was shocked to be the first to post it, I guess gifs are a little tougher here

@Pixley oh my gosh, congrats! i remember that feeling, it’s truly magical ✨🥚

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