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Oh no I am getting emotional about trees again

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I don't know why I bother to make any posts other than cat pictures, selfies, and "fuck you"s to my dearest pals

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I'm rereading Stephen Florida because why shouldn't I, and just, please read the first page of this book, I have literally made people listen to me read this aloud at parties

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OK so I know the previous picture was bonus Doris but she shifted position and I had to take another picture.

#mastocats #cats

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I just really really love Hmm Daily, because frankly I also did not understand how big the giant bee is supposed to be

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love treating music from my youth like sonic comfort food when i'm stressed out.

just piping loudass Fugazi and Helmet into my skull like putting my face down into an entire bowl of mashed potatoes. blurbling out nose bubbles through the gravy and giving an enthusiastic thumbs up.

this metaphor got away from me pretty quickly make sure to hit like and subscribe and check out my patreon and boost my lewds. for more information on Fugazi visit your local library.

I just told a grumpy-looking Evelyn that pretty girls shouldn't be sad, and I kind of stand by it

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@Pixley Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip Kevin Dick

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“she’s a very difficult person to stan, but she’s an easy person to be fascinated by”
-who weekly on wendy williams, and also me

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I put Philip K. Dick in, and it suggested Philip King Dick, Philip Kaylah Dick, and Philip Kevin Dick, which is the funniest thing I've ever seen

The unisex names are off the fucking rails

Karen Baxley Drue Pixley
Karen Kit Earley Pixley
Karen Hayden Abba Pixley, yo yo what's the KHAPs

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@Pixley I remember this well known anecdote, that the middle B in Benoît B. Mandelbrot stood for Benoît B. Mandelbrot

It's not extra enough that I asked for two middle names, I demand that each of those two middle names be THEMSELVES composed of two middle names

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Karen Jerelyn Jenalyn
Karen Kalan Deonna
Karen Grace Pansie


Okay is the toy I was playing with on 9/11, and I cannot recommend it enough

I just spent like forty minutes looking for a post I made about a very demented baby name generator, but I don't remember what account it was on and it's gone forever and anyway, good morning

A good evening for Karen to just log off for the night, I think

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