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Oh no I am getting emotional about trees again

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I'm rereading Stephen Florida because why shouldn't I, and just, please read the first page of this book, I have literally made people listen to me read this aloud at parties

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There is no force on Earth that can compel me to be polite to strange men who write paragraphs in my mentions, I am sorry

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Well, time to listen to Bright Eyes and read about murder

DID YOU KNOW: it is actually incredibly rude to just burst into someone's office unannounced and discuss the people working there as though they do not really exist as people, and then leave the room without saying sorry or thanks

Hot take I suppose, but feels pretty lukewarm to me 

Sappho, the tresses of her hair bedecked in purple ribbon, barges, lyre in hand, into a room full of women, loudly exclaiming "What's up, sluts?"

"With photography you've just got to find your artistic niche. What are you good at taking photos of?"
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ·

#photography #birbposting

We share this snake eating its own tail. That’s why it’s called an OURoboros

just family complaining 

My main hobby right now is dreading my family reunion, which takes place in a little under a month

David Byrne: OK folks, so I've got this song about the horrors of war, the day-to-day hardships of living in a surveillance state

Talking Heads: Umm, alright. What's it called?

DB: I'm thinking "Life During Wartime"


TH: We're still gonna make it funky as hell, right?

DB: Oh, of course

Some people: “Here are all the problems with Mastodon and why I’m leaving/clout is a problem/just like corporate social media/programming shit (I don’t understand)/Nazis inbound

Me, here for 2 weeks: “Haha, the orange cat was like, ‘pee pee poo poo’ and then said something insightful like 10 seconds later”

Good morning, does anyone need a dose of Pabst's Okay Specific, for private diseases

It's a tent that protects you from electromagnetic fields, he keeps it in his garage

who is that infant who toots so tremendously on the trumpet and sets the toes a-tapping? 

Goop podcast 12/11 

meta shitpost 

do NOT challenge my fandom of degrassi: the next generation. i will always laugh about marco's mum's "passtuh" sauce

Ughhhhhh I forgot to charge the Switch last night, now I have to like read my book or something before getting back to Katamari

when I respond to a post saying "bad", you have to imagine me grabbing a can full of coins and rattling it while saying "bad! bad!" and ordering u to get off the table and stop eating my spaghettos

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